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New Book ~ The Revelation of Ella Rose



The Revelation of Ella Rose




When fifteen-year old Ella wakes up in the hospital after surviving a suspicious head-on collision that killed her mother, memories start to unfurl-blinding lights, breaking glass, screams, and, the most terrifying of all, her mother's words: "This was not an accident, stay safe, someone will come to explain everything." As each day passes she becomes splintered; the 'Ella Before,' who loved to dance, hang out with friends and write and the 'Ella After,' who wants to stay in bed and be alone. Yet, even as depression wraps around her, with the help of her best friend Holly, she is determined to unravel what really happened the night of the accident. Ella is soon drawn into a series of events that propel her into a world she never knew existed. It is not until a stranger appears, a young man who she is curiously drawn to that she learns the truth-a truth she is unwillingly to believe. But when her life and those around her are threatened she must face the stranger's words and overcome her fears and self-doubt. Will Ella have the courage to claim her true identity and find the strength to confront the dark forces that could bring destruction to her world?

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